Thank you for your interest in working with me. I am honored.

Graduate Students:

If you are interested in joining my lab, please follow the instructions here.

Postdoctoral Candidates:

We are currently hiring a postdoctoral fellow to work with us. The project is on combining deep RL & large language models (or large multi-modal models) to advance open-endedness. Candidates should have publications in at least one of the following areas: RL, large models, open-endedness, or related areas. The position is for 1-2 years, and could start immediately. The University of British Columbia is located in paradise (see pictures below), so come join us on this fun project!

If you are interested, please email all of the following in a combined PDF to [my last name and the word “lab” with no punctuation at Google’s major email]. Please do not email me directly. Please also do not send anything to that email address about anything except the postdoctoral fellowship positions. We are not able to read or respond to any such emails.

1. Your CV

2. A list of who your references will be (on a separate page)

3. Your references (have them email their letters separately and directly to the same email address)

4. A description of why you want to work in our lab (given our past work) and on this project topic specifically (from what you can guess about it from the vague description here). Please do not send generic emails you would send to other people.

If we are interested in interviewing you, we will be in touch. For any questions about this position, please email the above email address (not anyone in the lab directly).


Jeff Clune

Jeff Clune